Michael Phelps Challenges Conor McGregor to Race With Epic Meme

Micheal Phelps Fuels Conor McGregor Race Speculation With Epic Meme
(L) Christophe Simon (R) Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Conor McGregor may have come up short on Saturday against the best boxer of our era, Floyd Mayweather Jr., but it was undeniably one of the most entertaining sporting events of the year.

Naturally, with all the hype, McGregor and Mayweather became the subject of every major media outlet, including Saturday Night Live.


In the video, McGregor’s impersonator (Alex Moffat) declared: “I’ll beat anyone in their own game. Next week, I’m going to fight that shark that beat Michael Phelps in that swim race. And both parties have agreed to shark rules: ‘underwater, just teeth.’”

The SNL skit aired prior to the fight, but it inspired such a wave of hysterical memes that even Michael Phelps got in on the action.

We all know McGregor has never been low on self-confidence, but swimming? We’re a little skeptical. Though it does have us thinking: Who could McGregor take on next in an unexpected matchup?

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