Mike and Mike Sound Off About Super Bowl XLVIII

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Whether it’s on their daily radio show (simulcast on ESPN2 and streamed live on espnradio.com), or during their “Best Of” podcasts, sports radio odd couple “Mike and Mike” always have something to say. While Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic may butt heads on who they think will win SuperBowl XLVIII, and how the weather might affect the game, the outspoken hosts do agree on a few Super Bowl snacking tips.

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MF: What are your thoughts about the Super Bowl being played in New York?

Greenberg: I’m a native New Yorker and I was hugely in favor of the Super Bowl coming to New York. I’m not that concerned about what the weather is going to be for the game. They play football in terrible weather all the time so I don’t think it makes any difference whether they do so in the Super Bowl or not. I think New York is a wonderful city to host such an event. There’s more to do there than anywhere else. I think it has a chance to be a terrific week for everybody.

Golic: While I echo the fact of New York being the host of things—I love New York—I think it’s a fantastic place to go and so many things to do, there is no way I would have the championship game played in a cold-weather site. There are cold- or bad-weather games played all year long, but for the Super Bowl I don’t want that. I want to be able to see the best out of both teams. I don’t want the zero degrees and blowing wind affecting anybody’s game.

MF: Who gets the advantage due to the cold weather?

Greenberg: Bad weather would strongly favor Seattle, a team that primarily wants to run the ball and play good defense. Seattle would be very happy to see the final score of the Super Bowl be 17-13 while Denver wants the final score to be 35-31. The bad weather favors the team that is looking for less offensive explosion.

Golic: The thing that affects the football game the most, it’s not so much the cold—unless it’s 30 degrees below—and not so much the snow—unless you have two feet of it—it’s the wind. You have Peyton Manning, who had the greatest regular season of all time, but who’s had four neck surgeries, is up there in age, and maybe doesn’t have the strongest arm. So, if it were windy, it would affect his throws, which this offense lives off. If his throws were to be affected some, then that could put them at a disadvantage in this game. Seattle is built more for bad weather.

MF: What should we expect to see out of Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson?

Greenberg: I can tell you right now where you are going to find Peyton Manning: he is going to drop back just a few feet behind the offensive line and he is going to throw the ball from there every single time. I cannot tell you where you are going to find Russell Wilson because he is going to be running all over the place. So, it’s the traditional drop-back passer versus the new dynamic, athletic quarterback in Russell Wilson—and that is a contrast in styles.

Golic: You’re going to see two different types of quarterback situations. With Peyton Manning, you can say, “Hey Peyton, go win us a Super Bowl,” and he can do it. The best friend of a quarterback, especially a young one like Russell Wilson, is a great running game (Marshawn Lynch) and a great defense (No.1 in the NFL), so Pete Carroll doesn’t have to say “Russell, go win us a Super Bowl.” While he’ll be counted on to make some plays, he has a great supporting cast around him to help him through.

MF: Any matchups we should be on the lookout for?

Greenberg: The best individual matchup will be Richard Sherman, the cornerback of the Seahawks, who is the best in the game, going man-to-man much of the day with Demaryius Thomas of the Broncos, one of the four or five best receivers in football. That is the key matchup in the game, and I think will be fascinating to watch those two guys going head-to-head all day.

Golic: This is the classic best offense in the league against the best defense in the league. If you ask anybody what they want to see for a championship game, you want to see the best against the best, and that’s what you’re getting: A record-setting offense in Denver and an unbelievably physical and the best defense in the NFL with Seattle. The strength of Seattle’s defense is the secondary, and the strength of the Denver offense is their quarterback. You can’t ask for a better matchup as a guy walking into the Hall of Fame in Peyton Manning going up against the best secondary in the game and what he is able to do.

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MF: What are your Super Bowl picks?

Greenberg: If weather is a major factor in the game, I like the Seahawks to win. If weather is not a major factor, I like the Broncos to win.

Golic: I don’t care what the weather is I think Seattle is going to win. I was a former defensive player in the NFL so I am going to go with the great defense. 27-24 Seattle.

MF: What advice do you have for people trying to get to MetLife Stadium for the game?

Greenberg: Be patient. At any Super Bowl, and certainly one around New York City where it is already busy and congested, it is just not as easy to get from one place to another as you would like it to be. If you’re willing to be patient, everything will be fine. Everything will be worth it when you finally arrive there. While you’re getting around, as everything takes a little longer, you should have a bag of California Almonds with you to curb that hunger. If you need a snack and you can’t find a place to get something to eat real quick, it’s right there and easy. Curb those hunger pangs that otherwise can be a major nuisance during Super Week.

Golic: Greeny grew up in New York so he is going to know best how to deal with the New York traffic and crowds.

MF: What are some of your favorite foods to eat while watching football?

Greenberg: A good plate is almonds, cheese, fruits, and crackers. Don’t forget about dark chocolate-covered almonds.

Golic: I’ll be one of many who are having get-togethers where you have all the good and bad food. Some people will have wings—I will too—but I’ll also have my almonds. Filling up on almonds makes it great to not pig out on the really bad food for me. If you eat some good food, whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or almonds, that can fill up you some. Snacking on healthier foods stopped me from eating so much of the wings and foods like that.

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