Geoff Wilson: Millions of Dollars Could be Hiding in a Shoe Box of Sports Cards

geoff wilson

Running to a store with some loose change, hoping it’s enough for a pack of Pro Set, Topps, Bowman, Score, or Upper Deck sports cards. Many who collected sports cards in their childhood share this memory. It likely falls among one’s favorites. This was, at least, the case for Geoff Wilson.

Today, Geoff Wilson is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor who helped transform quite a few startups into multi-million-dollar companies. He founded thirteen companies and has worked with many other growth-stage and enterprise companies. His current focus is on Sports Card Investor and their Market Movers data platform. But around thirty years ago, Wilson was just a kid with a passion for collecting sports cards.

Wilson got into collecting sports cards in third grade. Almost every kid from his school was crazy about baseball cards. They’d buy as many packs as they could afford, sit in the nearby park, open pack after pack, and scream with happiness when somebody got the rare card everyone wanted. Wilson went a bit further. He got a job at his local card store as soon as he was old enough to work.

But life got in the way. “Sports cards were a massive part of my childhood. But then I lost touch with it. When I was 16, I started doing computer repair for people and selling CD-ROM discs, and later on, went to college,” says Wilson. “And I completely forgot about my old card collection until my son showed up a few years ago with a pack in his hand. I hadn’t seen a sports card pack for ages, but all those great memories came flooding back when I got to open the pack with my son.”

While reliving those fond memories, Wilson saw an entrepreneurial opportunity and began to wonder, “The game is probably the same as it was before, and my old cards should be worth something.” However, he wasn’t able to find the answer. There was no price guide app to look up the sports cards he owned.

“We’ve all probably heard stories on the news about how someone sold a trading card for a million bucks. That made me wonder how many people collected these cards when they were kids, and how many valuable cards are now sitting in some attic, collecting dust,” says Wilson. “I also wondered why this market wasn’t bigger. Then I found out.”

Wilson found virtually a complete lack of pricing data for sports cards. eBay was the leading marketplace, but its data was limited and would only go back 90 days. Even if people knew they had a rare card, it was difficult to understand what it was worth and how its value fluctuated within the market.

“I thought that there has to be a better way. That there had to be a website or app that could show you what sports cards have sold for and give you a comprehensive understanding of the market with charts, graphs, statistics, and all that type of thing,” says Wilson. “I looked and searched, but there wasn’t. So, I set out to build it myself.”

In February of 2020, his dream came to fruition with his launch of the Market Movers website and app, a first-of-its-kind platform that provides sports card collectors detailed price histories, market data, and other info on the cards they are interested in or have in their collection.

Now, thanks to Market Movers and Sports Card Investor, people can check if their old dusty collections are potentially worth millions. Wilson’s Market Movers app quickly became the largest card and sealed wax database that combined sales data from multiple marketplaces for over 1,000,000 cards. The platform also allows users to easily track card prices, find deals on the cards they want, and virtually manage their collection.

“Many people have some old cards they inherited from their father, grandfather, or someone else. They might even have a shoebox of cards in their attic, cards they collected as kids. Maybe even an old Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth card,” says Geoff Wilson. “Some of those cards could be worth a lot of money. And now they have a way to actually check that with the help of Market Movers. Now, they could find out if they had that hidden million in their attic all along.”

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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