The MJ5: Jets Safety Jamal Adams on His Essential Recovery Gear, Why He Loves Monte Carlo, and More

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 15: Strong safety Jamal Adams #33 of the New York Jets celebrates with teammate cornerback Morris Claiborne #21 against the New England Patriots during the second quarter of their game at MetLife Stadium on October 15, 2017 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams is a rising star in the NFL. The former LSU defensive back has set himself apart by playing with a combination of speed and strength that other players simply don’t possess.

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He credits his success to a less traditional offseason training protocol: “Not too many guys in the NFL train on the track, but I do it a lot,” Adams told Men’s Journal. “I ran track in high school, and I’ve always prided myself on my speed. Some workouts are very hard, but I feel it really helps me on the field. It prepares you mentally and physically for football. If you’re light on your feet, you can stay stronger for the long run of the NFL season.”

After being a top 10-overall select in the 2017 draft, Adams has become the leader of a young, scrappy Jets defense—making the Pro Bowl in 2018 and winning defensive MVP of the game. Heading into 2019, Adams believes the Jets can make the leap from a team with promise to a playoff contender.

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Ahead of training camp, Adams took some time to speak about his most essential workouts, his favorite travel spot, and more for the MJ5.

On his favorite—and least favorite—workouts: “Running on the track is one, but when I’m in the gym, it’s arm day for me, that’s my favorite to do. Every athlete hates leg day, but those are the things you have to put your body through to come out stronger on the other side.”

On his favorite gear and tech: “There’s some stuff I use for recovery that are big for me. I have a NormaTec that I use a lot, and I also have a JUGS Football Machine that I use to practice catching footballs. As a safety, you get chances to get the ball and you have to be as ready as the receivers are to get it. I also have a massage table that I use as much as anything to stay loose and recover.”

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On his favorite food: “I’ve been so hyped on veggie burgers. I recently stopped eating meat and have been following a pescatarian diet, so anything that isn’t meat I’m fine with. When I want a cheat meal, I’ll have some French fries.”

On the best advice he’s ever received: “It’s simple, but really just being yourself and working to be the best you. Be the best person you can off the field, compete right on the field, and treat people the right way. There’s nothing cliché about being yourself and trying to be the best you can be.”

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On his favorite trip/travel spot: “I just got back from Monte Carlo, and that was an amazing trip for me. It was pretty cool to go down there and see how different everything is. It was tough to get the time change down, but I had an incredible time. Monte Carlo has some of the most beautiful views in the world. If you can get out there, go. I recommend it to everyone. The food was amazing and the people were great.”

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