The Most Creative (and Most Ridiculous) NFL Touchdown Celebrations of 2017-2018

Steelers TD celebration
Leon Halip / Getty Images

The NFL isn’t quite the “No Fun League” anymore.

After plenty of criticism about coming down too harshly on players celebrating touchdowns in games, the league relaxed its penalty rules on celebrations for the 2017 season.

The relaxed rules allow a few new things for players:

1. They can use the football as a prop in celebrations
2. Players can celebrate on the ground
3. Group demonstrations are (finally) allowed

Keeping those new guidelines in mind, players have gotten creative with their decidedly theatrical celebrations.

Here’s a look at the best from the 2017 season (so far):

1. The Steelers channel their inner James Harrison with a mock weightlifting session:



2. The Packers channel the Cool Runnings bobsled team:



3. Juju Smith-Schuster leads the Steelers in a game of hide-and-seek:



4a. The Eagles play some baseball—first, as Torrey Smith smashes a ‘home run’ with the football…



4b. …and then when Alshon Jeffrey gets “hit by a pitch” and charges the mound:



4c. The Eagles keep coming up with great celebrations—here’s the team ‘bowling’ in Week 12:



5. When in Rome (or London, rather): Adam Thielen does a soccer celebration slide:



6. The Vikings go back to the schoolyard days:



7a. Devonta Freeman shoots a free throw:

7b. Leonard Fournette also sinks one from the charity stripe— extra points for the quality O-line box out:


8. Travis Kelce leads the Chiefs in an amazing potato sack race celebration:



9. The Lions bring out the “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots” celebration—and it was fantastic:


10. JuJu and Co. back at it again, this time with a WWE-inspired pinfall.


Keep an eye on this during the season for more fun and wild celebrations.

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