The Most Memorable Sports Fan Fights


When it comes to attending sports games, it’s best to keep the hits on the field.

But occasionally, the adrenaline of the game can bring that intensity of the field into the stands, where a few people who have probably never met before end up engaging in fisticuffs on behalf of their team—or because they simply don’t like each other. Other reasons? A spilled drink. Or a  stolen seat. Or even for no reason at all.

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As appalling as some fan fights can be, sometimes they are just simply entertaining to watch. Here at Men’s Fitness we’ve decided to dig up some of the most infamous ones for your viewing pleasure.



Hockey fans are some of the most passionate supporters in all of sports. Here is a video showing just how passionate they can get.


Wearing the wrong jersey in the wrong section is traditionally a good reason to be targeted by opposing fans. At this San Francisco 49ers-Oakland Raiders game, some fans took special exception. Apparently, “You suck” no longer cuts it.


OK, no one thinks it’s smart to get in a fight with a giant bear. Not even if he holds a sign over your head calling you a loser. Obviously, this guy couldn’t take a joke. The Cleveland Cavaliers fan made things even worse for himself when he broke loose from security and charged the Utah Jazz mascot, “Jazz Bear,” at midcourt and got completely demolished. Watch the Jazz Bear’s pose afterward.


If you’re ever looking for a fight, wear a Red Sox hat to Yankees Stadium. But really, it’s just a bad idea. This fan got the worst of it. The best part is the camera making sure the video is searchable by announcing seating section 328.


It isn’t just football fans who are unruly. There’s a certain level of decorum expected at tennis matches and this lady didn’t like the fact that some young fella wouldn’t stop talking during this match at the U.S. Open. Needless to say, he didn’t stop talking and once the older guy gets involved, well, you’ll see. The guy taping the altercation isn’t close enough to get involved but he made sure the young man knew his back was covered.


Notice the Giants fan in this video is doing a fair amount of talking but is never ready to square up until his lady jumps in the middle. We guess he figured that was the best time to start throwing punches. Well done, buddy.

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