NBA Rookie Blog: Cody Zeller #2

NBA Rookie Blog: Cody Zeller #2

My rookie basketball season in the NBA is almost over. I have to say, it’s definitely been a fun year for me. The rookie year is definitely a learning year, on and off the court. It’s been a big change for me, moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone, living a different lifestyle. I feel like I’ve been able to settle in pretty well. Charlotte is a nice city.

On the court, it’s been about getting more comfortable and more confident. I’m getting there. I’ve been playing my best ball recently and I made improvements through the year. I can tell when I’ve started cheating on plays before they even happen. I’m just trying to improve every day.

I know that rookies are supposed to break down toward the end of a 82-game season. But my body feels good. I’ve been playing about 20 minutes a game so my body still feels fresh. Honestly, I think the worst might be games 25 to 35. In the beginning of the year, you’re just excited to get the season going and so many things are happening. You’re learning a lot. But 25 games in, the end of the season just seems so far away. You’re not even talking about the playoffs yet but just play game after game. Then you run into the All-Star break and after that, that’s when you can see the playoffs coming. People tell you that the season goes really fast after the All-Star break and it does. It’s especially big for us because we’re in this playoff hunt and every game is important.

The great part is in these games recently, everyone’s just been on the same page and we’re playing well. We’re winning so that always makes things more fun. There’s less than two weeks left in the regular season and we’re sitting in at the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference so there’s more basketball left for us.

Since I have brothers that played basketball in this league, I thought I had a head start on what to expect my rookie season. But going through it on your own is a little bit different. But I am having fun and any time of night that I think I’m having a bad day, I just remind myself that I’m playing basketball for a living and playing in the NBA. I’ve always dreamed of being in this position. So there’s not much that I can complain about.

Be sure to catch the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, which are set to kick off on April 19. Also, April 3 marked the start of NBA Green Week, a program geared to encourage fans of all ages to “go green” in their local communities and generate awareness for protecting the environment through a variety of initiatives. The NBA is the only professional sports league to dedicate an entire week to educating fans about responsible environmental stewardship. To learn more about NBA Green Week visit


NBA Rookie Blog: Cody Zeller

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