NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino’s Super Bowl Predictions

NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino’s Super Bowl Predictions

Dan Marino, health and lifestyle ambassador for AARP, threw for more than 61,00 yards with 420 touchdowns during his NFL career. The NFL Hall of Fame quarterback once played in the SuperBowl and now he shares his analysis of the SuperBowl XVLIII quarterbacks and what to expect out of both teams. Check out what the legendary Miami Dolphin expects to see at SuperBowl XLVIII and how he’s been helping former NFL players with their careers.

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MF: Which players will the weather affect most during SuperBowl VLVIII?
Dan Marino (DM): Cold and snow are not that big of issues. The players will be ready to go and their adrenaline will be going. They’re playing in the weather regardless of what it is. When it’s windy, it does play a factor as far as throwing the football, especially if you get the wind, ice and rain all at once. If the wind starts getting up over 20 miles per hour, then that could be an issue affecting the direction and distance you’re throwing the football. 

MF: Who will be Peyton Manning’s main target?
DM: Peyton spreads the ball around; a lot of times it’s three wide or four wide on one side, one on the other in their offensive formations. Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, are four guys that have each caught at least ten touchdown passes this year. You could pick any one of those guys and say they may have a big SuperBowl because he distributes the ball so well.

MF: Will Russell Wilson have a main target?
DM: For Russell Wilson, Golden Tate has been his main target all year. I would say if you’re looking for any big play guy in the SuperBowl as far as the passing game, Golden Tate would be the guy. He’s a play maker and a guy Wilson goes to down the field.

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MF: What would a win mean for Peyton Manning’s legacy?
DM: Manning will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, regardless if he wins or loses. A win will just be icing on the cake of an incredible career.

MF: What would a win say about the ability of Russell Wilson?
DM: That would be great for him, a young quarterback with a really good football team. That would show that his leadership and a great start to a young career to win the Super Bowl.

MF: What is an important matchup to look out for?
DM: The one match up that is going to be important is Denver’s defense and slowing the running game down on Seattle. Marshawn Lynch has been pretty good at running the football on anybody in the league. I think that’s going to be a key for Denver, slowing down their running game.

MF: What can expect to see from Marshawn Lynch?
DM: What you’re going to see is Lynch running inside the tackles to try to get the power running game going, and not put a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson. This will make it so Russell won’t have to drop back 30- 40 times.

MF:  What is your SuperBowl pick?
DM: A low scoring game, 24-21, Denver.

MF: So, let’s talk post-career. You’ve been helping a lot of other former NFL players after retirement. Can you tell us about that?
DM: I’ve been working with AARP for two years and we have a program called Life Reimagined which helps people build relationships in their community. Life Reimagined has partnered with the NFL for help former players transition into other careers, look at other businesses that they may want to get involved with after or during their careers, and transition through life.

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