NFL Star Danny Amendola Talks High-Intensity Training, the Jaguar I-PACE, and Driving an Electric Car for the First Time

Danny Amendola
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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola knows a thing or two about speed. The agile wideout has proven over his 10 years in the NFL to be one of the quickest and most reliable pass catchers out there. Recently, Amendola took his love for speed to the Jaguar Electrifies Experience in Miami, where he got the chance to get behind the wheel of the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE.

While at the Jaguar Electrifies Experience in Miami, Amendola took part in the closed-circuit SmartCone Challenge and got a chance to experience what it’s like to drive an electric car.

“This is actually the first electric vehicle I’ve ever driven,” Amendola told Men’s Journal. “I must say the Jaguar I-PACE has me hooked. It’s crazy how quiet yet powerful it is. The design is unlike anything on the road.”

Danny Amendola / Jaguar

After Miami, the Jaguar Electrifies Experience will be in New York and Los Angeles. Check out more on the event here and how you can sign up.

Amendola took time for a quick chat to speak about what it’s like driving the Jaguar I-PACE, his experience with an electric car, and about his first season with the Miami Dolphins.

What has it been like working with a partner like Jaguar and being part of the brand and working together?

It’s been great. I’ve always been a fan of the Jaguar brand and their vehicles but even more so now that I’m a brand ambassador and get to drive and experience cars like the I-PACE. The design and performance of these cars is like no other and I’m excited to be involved with the Jaguar Electrifies Experience here in Miami.

Danny Amendola / Jaguar

What was your experience like driving the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE?

It’s awesome to get so many people looking at the car when I’m driving on the highway or downtown. This is actually the first electric vehicle I’ve ever driven. The Jaguar I-PACE has me hooked. It’s crazy how quiet yet powerful it is. The design is unlike anything on the road.

What do you enjoy most about how the car drives and the style of the car?

I love the power of the vehicle, the technology and also the overall design both inside and outside of the car. It surprised me how much room there is on the inside and how comfortable it is to drive. The full glass roof is a really cool feature, as well.

What have you enjoyed about being with the Dolphins this season? What are you guys expecting for the second half as a team?

I enjoy the attitude everybody brings in every day, and our overall willingness to work hard and get better. Looking ahead, we’re looking to just continuing to improve. We have a tough second half of the schedule – and it’s important for us to take one week at a time.

You’ve been one of the most athletic and agile receivers in the league. What are some of your favorite ways to train in the gym and in the offseason?

I like to make my training sessions harder than an actual game with very high intensity workouts, lots of sprints and plenty of weight room lifts.

If you could have a dinner party with you and four other celebrities or athletes, who would you invite?

Any four of my teammates.

Danny Amendola / Jaguar
Danny Amendola / Jaguar