NHL Players Start Brawl, Realize They Need to Work on Their Cardio

San Jose Sharks Dillon Gets Into NHL Hockey Fight
Getty Images / Sean M. Haffey - Staff

Hockey is a rough sport, and NHL players are without a doubt some of the toughest athletes you’ll ever find. Yet despite all the stitches, bone-crushing hits, and the brutal fights, at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean they aren’t nice guys.

For example: San Jose Sharks defenseman Brenden Dillon was mic’d up during Saturday’s game against the Nashville Predators, and he proved that there’s a place for politeness in hockey.

Sure, it only happened after he started a fight with Predators forward Austin Watson, but hey—we’ll take what we can get.

As the fight ensued, and after both traded blows, one asked if they were done fighting, to which the other responded with a compliment: “Atta boy, good job.”

After the bout, both players continued their pleasantries into the penalty box.

“Hey Watts, we gotta work on our cardio this summer, huh?” Dillon asked.

“I’m dying after like 10 seconds, man,” joked Watson.

The conversation ended as the two-minute penalty was over, and both were sent back onto the ice.

“Good luck the rest of the year, bud,” said Watson.

“You too, buddy,” Dillon replied.

The action starts at the 2:06 mark:

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