Norwegian Reporter Tackles a Tour De France Rider’s Diet

Norwegian Reporter Tackles a Tour De France Rider’s Diet

You’ve probably heard about the insane diets of cyclists in the Tour de France. To get through the intense burn of long, high-altitude stages, the athletes will consume up to 9,000 calories. Yep, that’s right—9,000. To test it out, one Norwegian reporter called in Team Sky chef Erik Orre to prepare the food that top cyclists would eat throughout a day in the race.

Coming in at 8,290 calories, Nicolay Ramm tried to tackle a full day’s worth of cycling food: a bowl of oatmeal, an omelet, three ham and cheese sandwiches, a smoothie, three yogurts, a glass of orange juice, an apple, a handful of nuts, a cup of coffee, a serving of pasta, nine energy bars, two gels, three sports drinks, two cokes, and more.

He didn’t quite make it to the more, leaving behind a steak and a few other courses before hitting some serious gastrointestinal discomfort. Turns out, eating as much as you possibly can isn’t as fun as it sounds. Check it out here. Then, find out about stage 7 winner Mark Cavendish’s diet here

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