Olympians Auctioning Bras and Body Parts on EBay


Whatever it is, you can get it on eBay. From stamps and Olympic hopefuls’ sports bras to advertising space on the arm of a track star, eBay really does have it all. Female athletes from the Olympic training center in California wanted to do something in support of breast cancer research, but organizing a car wash, bake sale or 5k just wasn’t going to cut it; they wanted to sell something that men would really be interested in. Naturally, they decided that to auction off their bras. Soccer players at the OTC decided they wanted to auction off their bras with proceeds benefiting cancer research and treatment. (How they came up with the idea is still up for debate in many frat houses and local bars.) The idea, which started with the soccer players, quickly spread to include female athletes from several sports. The players will be autographing and decorating their bras and sports bras and sell them on eBay the week of April 7.

Another Olympic hopeful track star, Nick Symmonds, is also using his fame to cash in via eBay, though for a far less worthy charity; his wallet. Whomever wins, be it a company or individual, he will have their Twitter name temporarily tattooed on his shoulder during the events he competes in throughout the year, including, he hopes, the 2012 Olympic Games. (#shamlesspromotion) “Along with this valuable advertising space (4.7 billion viewers during 2008 Olympic Games), I will tweet a message of support for the auction winner on the first of every month during 2012 from my personal twitter account @nsymm800, which currently has over 4,500 followers,” wrote Symmonds on his eBay page. But the offer has some fine print. The winner can’t be a competitor of his sponsors, Nike and Melaleuca. He must also abide by the rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations, even though he has made it clear he does not want to. “Due to antiquated and crippling rules put in place by the IAAF, I will be forced to cover up the temporary tattoo with tape at all IAAF governed meetings,” says Symmonds. “I will, however have the tattoo under the tape and will remove the tape as soon as the rules permit.” Despite bragging about his Twitter reach, his mother was the highest bidder for a while before getting knocked out of the running with a $1,875 bid. “Looks like my original sponsor wants back in the game! Current high bidder on my auction is my mother,” tweeted Symmonds (@mammasboy). The auction continues until January 14. Let’s hope these athletes are as good at their respective sports as they are at PR. Olympic gold medals are still one of the few things you have to earn and can’t just pick up on eBay…right?

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