Ottawa Senators Goaltender Gets Pummeled With Hamburgers

Ottawa Senators Goaltender Gets Pummeled With Hamburgers

The Ottawa Senators young goal keeper, Andrew “the Hamburglar” Hammond has given the team hopes for a playoff push after taking over the starting job. Hammond has lead the Senators to a seven game winning streak, and the fans are far from unappreciative. In fact, fans of ‘The Hamburger’ have been throwing actual hamburgers onto the ice after wins, and even during the course of games.

It was all fun and games at first, some of the players even took advantage of the gesture, like forward Curtis Lazar who obviously worked up an appetite after game against Boston last week.

Lazar even tweeted later, letting fans know his preference in condiments.

But now, the Senators are urging fans to take their hamburgers to go, and donate them to a local food bank instaed of throwing them (or anything else!) on the ice.

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