Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy Looks a Whole Lot Slimmer These Days


The last time we heard from Eddie Lacy, the Green Bay Packers running back was taking a little heat from coach Mike McCarthy over his playing weight.

“He’s got a lot of work to do,” McCarthy said at the Packers’ end-of-season press conference in January. “His offseason last year was not good enough and he never recovered from it. He cannot play at the weight he played at this year.” Lacy defended his size, although he admitted that he’s “not the smallest person.”

But there’s good news for Packers fans: Lacy has dropped a good chunk of that extra freight since then.

Jeff Engen, a Packers fan, ran into Lacy at a sushi restaurant in Malibu and snapped a photo with the newly slimmed down Packers back. “I’m 5-9, 185 pounds, and he is much thinner than me,” Engen told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in an email.


“It looks like he’s doing good,” McCarthy said of Lacy.

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