Paddle Out With Kai Lenny During a Massive Day at Mavericks

Northern California’s famed big-wave spot, Mavericks, is one of those waves that simply takes your breath away. The snarling, gnashing jaws of this wave are intimidating at best, downright terrifying at worst. Not to mention, the cold water adds yet another challenging element to an already death-defying wave. But in Kai Lenny terms, this just means it’s a perfect day to paddle out and score some epic surf.

That’s exactly what the Maui-based big-wave surfer did during a recent swell at Mavericks. And to ensure the rest of us could come along for a virtual big-wave session, he stuck his GoPro on the nose of his board. It’s as close as most of us will ever to get surfing Mavericks and after watching this––you’ll understand why.

Kai Lenny Mavericks

Inside Kai Lenny's “Day of Days” at Mavericks

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