Passing Time With NBA Champ Tony Parker

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San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is living the high life. And there’s no sign of things slowing down for the 32-year-old NBA champ. The man welcomed his newborn son, Josh, into the world back in late April, he took down the Miami Heat with his team in August, signed a new three-year contract extension, and successfully launched his fourth signature watch with Tissot on Tuesday afternoon. We stopped by the flagship store to ask what’s up in 2015 and beyond. 

Men’s Fitness: Man, you had an incredible season last year, what are you looking forward to this year?

Tony Parker: A repeat. That’s the great challenge for us—we never did that before, so this is a great opportunity to try to make that challenge happen. And I’m with the national team so we have to defend our title, and we just heard yesterday that it’s gonna be in France, so it’ll be at home, it’ll be amazing.

MF: I’ve heard some of your other interviews, you said you try to at least fine-tune one thing. Was there anything in particular?

TP: This year I wanted to get stronger. I think if I want to prolong my career and if I want to be here a long time I need to take care of my body and pay attention more to what I eat, get sleep, and make sure I work out every day. Stuff like that, ’cause you know when you’re young you can eat whatever you want, you’ll be fine, but once you get older it changes…especially for me, being French…we love to eat so you have to be careful.

MF: That’s funny…it’s all about longevity, I get it. How do you stay healthy? You mentioned the diet. Anything in particular?

TP: No, nothing in particular. I just try to find a happy medium with all I eat and, obviously, don’t drink too much alcohol because I love drinking wine and stuff like that so a good balance on everything. I don’t do a specific diet, you know, I just try to be careful and not abuse anything.

MF: Right. Now how about any training stuff—working out?

TP: Yeah, training. I do a lot more lifting and I do try to get a little bit stronger and keep my weight down because you don’t want to add too much weight on the knees, Achilles, stuff like that.

MP:  And you’re a superbusy guy: a newlywed, just had a new son, Josh. How do you manage that, being a pro player, traveling?

TP: I feel very blessed, I feel very blessed and very lucky and don’t take it for granted. It’s obviously been an unbelievable year with the championship and having a kid. it’s the greatest thing in the world, and I just want to enjoy life. You know, you only live once and I want to take advantage of today. And it’s just been an unbelievable career coming from France, I would never in my wildest dreams, never dreamed about that. So I just enjoy it.

MF:  So what’s it been like working with Tissot? What can you tell us about the watch?

TP: Yeah, it’s been a great relationship. As I told you, it’s my fourth one. The store’s been open since Aug. 8, and I’m doing a meet-and-greet today at noon with my fans, and enjoying the new store. It’s my first time here you know? I’ve been to the one in Paris a lot of times, and I’m very happy to be with a brand that’s affordable for everybody. To me that’s important. And wanting to work with a watch company that’s something I can stand for and believe in…And the owner is French…and we have a great relationship. They’re a very respectable brand, and they make the best watches. The finest one at the forefront is a touch screen and solar powered and has 25 functions, so it’s very wearable technology. I’m very proud of this one. This time we went with noble colors; the last one was more black with the orange stitching, if you remember, the basketball. This one you can wear every day. It’s standard dark, and it’ll work for a full year. And this is the new thing, you know, solar powered. Everybody wants to wear the technology, but this one you don’t have to charge so it’s pretty cool.

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MF: Did you have any input on the design?

TP: Yeah, I had input on the design. Obviously I’m not into the technology, you know? All the functions, that’s their job. I’m more about colors and stitches and how it’s going to look. My number’s right here, the solar here, that’s all my input. But it’s been a good relationship with them.

MF:  Our guys look up to you. What kind of advice can you give other aspiring athletes who are trying to make big things happen?

TP: It sounds kind of cliché, but if you dream, just dream big. Don’t put limits on yourself. I’m a little guy who came from France, and back in the day, if you put it in perspective, there were no European guys in the NBA. I’m the first European point guard to make it in the NBA, and people thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to play in the NBA when I was 14. But just dream big and work hard. Obviously, it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. If you want to be successful you have to be disciplined, you have to work at it. Nothing comes “like that.”

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