Recover From Life-Changing Injuries and Events

Injured man sports rotator

Trainer Brad Bose, PhD, owner of Anatomi Functional Performance Center in Santa Monica, CA, gives advice on how to get fit again after four types of life-altering setbacks.

After a serious joint injury, like tearing your ACL…
“You have to incorporate agility, balance, and coordination training into your post-rehab workouts. Go to a PT-recommended personal trainer for a few sessions for a smooth transition from rehab to post-rehab. Stretching of the muscles around the joint is also important.”

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After an emotional setback, like getting laid off or suffering a death in the family…
“Training will release endorphins that can boost your mood more effectively than antidepressants. So no matter how bad you feel, make the gym a regular appointment. Tell yourself ‘I am tough’ and ‘I will get through this.’”

After a big life change, like having a child or moving to a new city…
“Dive right in. Set a regular time to train, no matter what. Don’t worry about intensity or the fact that you’re tired or not as strong as you had been. Do what you can. Remember that 15–30 minutes is better than nothing, and it adds up.”

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After a surgery or a major illness…
“Start out slow with shorter workouts and gradually increase intensity and duration. In most cases your immune system is suppressed, and if you train too hard, you risk weakening it more. Whole foods are fuel for repair, and healthy eating is now even more important.”

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