USA’s 2016 Rio Olympic Gladiators: Troy Dumais

USA’s 2016 Rio Olympic Gladiators: Troy Dumais


Age: 36
Hometown: Ventura, CA
Event: Synchronized Three Meter
Size: 5’6/161 LBS

Diving’s Elder Statesman: After 38 national titles, 20 consecutive national teams since 1996, and a bronze medal in London, 36-year-old Troy Dumais swears that Rio will be his fifth and final Olympics. But it hasn’t gotten any easier with age. These days, he emphasizes training quality over quantity, focusing intensely on recovery. (He’s no slouch: He still dives six days a week and lifts three.) “On my off days from lifting, I still go to the gym to stretch, ice bath, sauna, just try to recover as much as possible.”

His Post-Rio Road Trip: A lifetime in the pool meant sacrificing vacation and high-flying adventures. So, after he hangs up his Speedo he’s going to ride motorcycles up the Pacific Coast Highway with his dad. (He refurbished his old man’s 1975 BMW Airhead.) “I’ve always wanted to cruise with my dad up the PCH. Just enjoy the scenery and be able to do something,” he says. “Because I’ve never been able to do stuff like that.”  

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