Rio 2016 Organizers Distributing Record Number of Condoms to Olympic Athletes

Rio 2016 Organizers Distributing Record Number of Condoms to Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes heading to Rio for the Summer Games have plenty to worry about—the Zika virus, staying in top shape for competitions, crumbling infrastructure, and very dirty water—but one thing that won’t be a concern: condoms.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) organizers will set a new Olympic record by distributing over 400,000 condoms to athletes in Brazil.

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According to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, the IOC is providing 350,00 male condoms, 100,00 female condoms, and 175,000 packages of lubricant for athletes and Olympic staffers to use in Rio. There will be condom vending machines for athletes to use in the Olympic village, which will house 10,500 competitors during the games.

“This is considered sufficient to encourage athletes to practice safe sex while in Brazil for the Olympic Games. Athletes can play an important role in the fight against HIV and AIDS,” the IOC said to the newspaper.

The IOC is not the only group making preparations for Rio regarding sex. The Australian Olympic Committee announced that they will be providing their own athletes with “Zika-resistant condoms.” The Australian-invented Dual Protect VivaGel condoms give “near-complete antiviral protection against Zika virus in laboratory studies,” according to a press release from the AOC.  

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Compared to previous games, Rio is going above and beyond to ensure that athletes have enough protection. London 2012 set the previous record for condoms distributed with 150,000, while Sochi 2014 had 100,000 condoms given out. 

The IOC expects its athletes to be, ahem, sexually active during the games. Whether they will be or not remains to be seen—but they will be prepared for it.

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