Watch a Robot Cut Through a Brick Wall to Pass the 2018 Olympic Torch

Image via YouTube

Robots were already hard at work doing crazy parkour backflips—and now one is passing along the 2018 Winter Olympics torch.

That important task went to Hubo, a robot made by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, who’s known for being able to use tools. Spotted via Inside the Games, the “humanoid robot” took the torch from Professor Dennis Hong, founding director of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at UCLA. Hubo then cut through a brick wall to hand the torch over to Dr. Oh Jun Ho—part of the robot’s development team in 2004.

Hubo completed his “high difficulty” performace without a hitch, but he isn’t even the first robot to participate in the 2018 Olympic torch relay. Earlier this year an underwater robot took the flame beneath the waves.

Watch footage of Hubo passing the torch below.

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