A-Rod’s Phone Number Stunt With Kyna Treacy, MLB Playoff Low

Arod teaser

He can’t hit. He’s getting old. But he still has a $117 million paycheck coming. He’s still a New York Yankee. It’s no secret Alex Rodriguez’s game is hardly what it used to be, even now in his post-doping era. He’s getting paid like he’s playing like a 29-year old, not the 37-year-old that he is. But all this aside, and worst of all? He can’t even behave on the bench, acting like a 16-year-old boy, not a professional athlete. 

By way of his ridiculous flirting stunt with a luscious brunette sitting behind the Yankee dugout in MLB’s championship series Game 1 against the Detroit Tigers, Alex Rodriguez started one of the stupidest controversies the Yankees has ever had.

When the rest of the Yankees worked their asses off, benched A-Rod had only one eye focused on the field, and the other focused on Kyna Treacy, 27, sitting a few rows behind him. In the ninth inning, he grabbed a ball, wrote his number on it, and tossed it to her. The media spazzed, and everybody had to know who A-Rod’s mystery girl was. Hell, Derek Jeter even broke his ankle (cringe) but the buzz around A-Rod hasn’t stopped. All week, in fact. So here’s what we know: her name is Kyna Treacy. She’s from Austrialia and she’s a barely-there swimwear designer and bikini model. She’s 27 (not 33, according to her tweet after the story broke on internet tabloids) and to be honest, she’ll probably have the five minutes of fame it takes to read this blog, before fading back into normal life. Now, please, let’s get on with the playoffs. 

Do we care about A-Rod’s love life? No, not really. And to be clear, we’re not hating on him just to hate on him (goodness knows there’s enough of that already). If it had been any other high profile professional athlete in any other sport, we’d call him out too. Our main thought? Come on man, save the flirting for the bar, and get your head in the game. Even if you are just sitting on the bench.


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