The Rules: AFL Vs. NFL

The Rules: AFL Vs. NFL

It’s safe to say that most guys know the ins and outs of the NFL. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the AFL. From the playing field to the scoring format and size of the teams, Men’s Fitness reveals the basic differences between the Arena Football League and the NFL.

The Gridiron Breakdown:

  The AFL The NFL
Field 85 feet wide, 50 yards long, for a faster, higher-scoring affair 160 feet wide, 100 yards long
Goal posts Nine feet wide with a 15-foot high crossbar 18 1/2 feet wide with a 10-foot high crossbar
Roster 20-man rosters; eight men on the field 53-man roster; 11 on the field
Scoring Mostly the same as NFL, but a successful drop kick earns two points on the extra point and four points as a field goal Hey, even your five-year-old nephew knows this: 6-pt TDs, 3-pt FGs …
Rebound nets Kickoffs and passing plays that bounce off the nets are still in play What rebound nets?
Passing Just like in NCAA, receivers only need one foot inbounds Both feet inbounds
Punting Not allowed. You gotta man-up and go for it on fourth down Wimps go three-and-punt
Overtime 15 minutes, with at least one guaranteed possession for each team 15-minute sudden death

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