Ryan Lochte is a Moron: These 11 Quotes Prove it

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If his blue-green hairstyle wasn't enough, the robbery scandal elevated Ryan Lochte from 32-year-old eternal frat boy to Olympic embarrassment. What does it take to be an American idiot? We'll let Lochte speak for himself.

1. “I see me being a designer, I see me being a model, I see me being a TV star." (via the New York Times)

2. "If I didn't get in a scooter accident or get knee surgery, would I be the same person? I don't know. The way I swim my best is by having fun and just being relaxed, so I'm going to do all the other crazy stuff, and whatever happens, happens." (via Men's Journal)

3. "No. That's just a thing I did when I was younger. Now that I'm more mature, it's time to focus more on the swimming part and less on the outside part." (via GQ)

4. "What defines me? Ryan Lochte."  

5. Writer Stephen Rodrick describes the experience of going into Lochte's closet, in his profile on the athlete: "On closer inspection, it was a black jacket made out of some kind of shiny, petroleum-based material. It was something you might wear to protest a massive oil spill in the year 2525. Apparently, some fashion designers came to Gainesville, Ryan shared his vision, and this was the result," writes Rodrick. "I knew I wanted a jacket that was shiny, but something that still looked more hip-hop-ish. They had these fabrics, and we put it together," says Lochte. When Rodrick inquires where he's worn the jacket, he sheepishly shrugs and replies, "I actually have not worn that jacket yet. I'm still waiting." (via Men's Journal)

6. "…that is my trademark, those grills. So I might definitely have to get a new pair of grills." (via GQ)

7. "I guess you would say I'd be like the Michael Phelps of swimming if he wasn't there."


8. "My philosophy is that if you're a man at night, you've gotta be a man in the morning."


9. Quite the resemblance…

10.  "I never knew having a banana and then drinking sprite you automatically puke!!"  

11. "jea jea jeah!!!!!!"

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