Sex Toy Mercifully Interrupts Bills-Patriots Game

Bills Fans
Tom Szczerbowski / Stringer / Getty Images

Despite dropping the Week 13 contest 23-3, Buffalo threw everything it had at New England.

Sports fans tossing objects onto the playing field is a time-honored tradition. In Detroit, the Red Wings faithful traditionally toss a dead octopus onto the ice in a bizarre practice dating back to the 1950s—when the eight tentacles symbolized the number of playoff wins needed to earn the Stanley Cup.

At Wrigley Field in Chicago, an opposing home run ball is almost always hucked back whence it came, as fans egg on whomever caught the souvenir.

But in Buffalo, the Bills Mafia has engineered its own projectile-hurling custom. On Sunday, an anonymous fan flung onto the turf what was described on the broadcast as a beige, “cylindrical object”.

But given the context, it’s pretty clear for what that cylinder is typically used. Last year, the same thing happened when the Pats were in town.

Given that the Buffalo quarterbacks—starter Tyrod Taylor, who suffered an injury; Nathan Peterman; and Joe Webb—combined for 115 yards passing and a pick on 15-of-34 efficiency in the game, the sex toy-slinger may have been the Bills’ best choice for QB on Sunday.

The dildo was marked down at the 21 before being pushed out of bounds by the “rod man,” which is actually his job title.

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