Snoop Dogg on Golf, The Masters, and Elevating Gin and Juice

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With so much drama in the LBC, Its kind of hard being Snoop D. O. Double (Bogey) G. (Sorry, we could resist.) The hip-hop icon is not only responsible for so much of the music that has formed our cultural identity, but he’s also a passionate golfer who has just made his first trip to see the Masters. 

How did you come to the game of golf?

You know, I’ve been around golf my whole life — from friends, family — the whole crew is into it. I’ve always had respect for the game.

What do you enjoy most about playing? 

Just getting to spend time with the boys. It’s nice to hit the course and have some time off — laugh, make a friendly competition out of it, and of course wrap up with cocktails at the 19th hole. Sippin’ on that Tanqueray Gin & Juice baby!

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 How’s your game? 

I’m still learning, man — working on perfecting my game, but I like to have fun with it and go with the flow. You know. You can’t teach athleticism. I happen to be born with it. I took a private golf lesson with PGA Pro Seema Sadekar, who is the real deal. I really got it going on the course. I might just have the golf bug now.

 Have you written any songs — lyrics while on the course?

I haven’t yet, but who knows what could happen in the future. The next lyric or bar is always running through my mind, so I may just need to hit the course more!

 Are you a player who enjoys an adult beverage during a round, or do you wait for the 19th hole? 

I like to enjoy a cocktail during a round — especially since I have become a master behind the bar. You gotta keep it real laid back during the game and enjoy your time on the course.

 I’m assuming I can guess your cocktail of choice? 

You better believe it! My go-to will always be a Tanqueray Gin & Juice cocktail. That’s the fire right there. To celebrate the first major championship of the year, I whipped up something extra special. You gotta try my golf-inspired cocktail, the “Tanqueray Gin & Georgia.” It won’t disappoint. (Recipe below).

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 Is this your first Masters? 

Yes, it is, man. I’m extremely blessed to be here to celebrate and raise a glass to some of the biggest athletes in the world. It’s exciting and we’re making history out here. Golf is the last sport that’s lacking in bringing in the celebrities and bringing in the cool. 

Who are you most excited to see play? 

Rory Mcilroy.

Pimento Cheese or Egg Salad? 

Pimento Cheese, fo shizzle.

If you could only play one more round of golf, where would you play and with whom would you play it? 

Here at Augusta National with President Obama.

RECIPE: Tanqueray Gin & Georgia 

1.25 oz Tanqueray No. TEN

* Top up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

* Garnish cocktail with half a slice of grapefruit & sprig of thyme.

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