Specialized Offers a Touching Mother’s Day Tribute to Cycling Moms

In a touching video put out for Mother’s Day, Specialized pays tributes to mothers — cyclists and other — who “raise our standards, our expectations, our hopes, and our spirits.” The video, which is titled “Worth It: Thank You Mom,” depicts several mothers and their relationships not only with their families but with their bikes.

From a pregnant mother taking her cruiser to run errands and pot plants for her family to a mother-daughter duo braiding each other’s hair and hitting some major hills together on their road bikes, the video shows how being an athlete and a mother come together. In one scene, a mom takes her two small boys out on the city streets and teaches them how to make a commute fun — ending the ride with a stop at a diner. The montage shows how everyday rides can make for lasting memories between moms and their kids.

In their message to moms everywhere, Specialized writes:

“From you, we learn to raise hell, the bar, and our voices. We are the artists and builders, the dreamers and realists, the seekers and champions — the very people we become — because of you. You may not feel heroic, but we think you’re super, Mom.”

Hear hear. Happy Mother’s Day all!