Stuntman Nik Wallenda Will Walk on a Wire 50 Stories Above the Chicago River

You build core strength for balance, defined abs, and injury prevention.

Nik Wallenda builds core strength and balance so he won’t die. And to gift us with adrenaline-pumping terror while we watch him traverse a thin wire on live, multi-camera television.

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Wallenda, a member of the famous circus family the Flying Wallendas and the same stuntman who crossed the Grand Canyon on a wire in 2013, will bring his balance to the unfortunately named “Windy City” this Sunday, November 2. 

The first part of the stunt will take place between two skyscrapers 50 stories above the Chicago river. Wallenda will then don a blindfold and traverse between the Marina City towers, two iconic Chicago residential buildings.

The Discovery Channel, which will use an armada of cameras and helicopters to broadcast the event at 7 p.m. ET, has provided Men’s Fitness with an exclusive look at the production of the steel wire supporting Wallenda’s weight. 

The video’s gist? The wire’s engineered not to snap. 

When we watch the stunt live, we hope Wallenda’s nerves are as well.

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