Odell Beckham Jr’s Cousin Just Posted Some Absurdly Athletic Numbers at His NFL Pro Day

Terron Beckham via Instagram / @fbaftermath

Gentlemen, meet Terron Beckham:

Build with each other, motivate each other, keep the grind going.. You don't know what's going on in someone's life. Help them by giving them motivation in what they want to do, and stop telling people what they can't do. I'm tired of seeing these hog mogs telling people what they can't accomplish.. Those cyber warriors that always have to call something or someone out .. This post right here is for you..call me what you want boss call everyone else what you want and tell them what they can't accomplish. We are still going to grind, still get after it heavy, and still stay ahead of you. #watch #us .. #fitness #fit #aftermathklan #beast #nyc #supersayiangodsupersayian #badass #innerarmour #shred #cutting #bulk #gymlife @innerarmour

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He’s the cousin of Odell Beckham Jr., also known as He Who Pulled Off The Greatest One-Handed Catch of All Time. To which we say: There are two guys running around with that kind of athletic ability?! 

But believe it or not, Terron is a bit of an underdog to play ball in the NFL. He didn’t play big-time football in college, although he did put up some big numbers in high school. But Terron has been a personal trainer for the past few years, as he’s obviously honed his craft to the point of near-superhuman physical power and speed. To wit: his numbers in the vertical leap and bench press would reportedly have been first in the Combine for a declared running back, which he wants to play.

So even if this guy doesn’t make the NFL cut—which seems hard to believe—this guy’s clearly got a career as an athlete in front of him. Hell, is it too late to get him in the CrossFit Games? 

Here’s some of the video from his Pro Day at TEST Football Academy in Martinsville, New Jersey, where several NFL scouts were reportedly in attendance.


Bench Press

Yes, that’s 36 reps at 225.


Vertical Leap

Beckham nails this 44.5-inch vertical.


Broad Jump

If this guy can hit 11 feet from standing, imagine what he can do when he gets a running start.



All that athleticism doesn’t mean much if he doesn’t have hands, right? Fortunately, it seems he does:

Some context from Bleacher Report NFL analyst Brent Sobleski:

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