The 30 Best Twitter Accounts in All of Sports

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Asking a person who their favorite Twitter follows are is like asking who their favorite bands are. It all depends on tastes and preferences, which often change by the day. When it applies to sports however, there are usually three overriding factors that play into the most-successful Twitter personalities: breaking news, humor, and insight. Though professional athletes live in the spotlight, few are candid within the media (just ask Marshawn Lynch), which is why those who offer a behind-the-fourth-wall look into their personal lives intrigue us so much. But the best sports Twitters are not just for those in front of the camera. Here's a look at some who will always keep your feed enlightened, informed, and entertaining with just the right amount of levity.

First, let's get the essential resources out of the way. Depending on which major sport you want information on, these are who you should follow for up-to-the-minute reporting:

NFL: Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)
There's a reason why most breaking NFL stories include the phrase, "As reported by Adam Schefter." And he's not above getting personal.

NBA: Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA)
The leading NBA information insider also doubles as a great writer.

NHL: Ryan Kennedy (@THNRyanKennedy)
Because the Senior Writer at the Hockey News is the guy to go to for hockey news.

MLB: Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN)
Baseball fans are the most analytical of all sports fans, and Olney satisfies the most ardent data-craver. He also shares an incredible wealth of RT's and links to other writers.


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Soccer: Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh)
Futbol journalist and author with an unhealthy fandom for Manchester United, Iain Macintosh is like the Bill Simmons of soccer. He even edits his own no-news longform website, [the set pieces].

Golf: Doug Ferguson (@dougferguson405)
With a majority of the major sports outlets, including ESPN and Golf Digest, filing Associated Press golf stories on a regular basis, the AP's Doug Ferguson is likely the most-read man in the sport.

The rest, in no particular order…

The Los Angeles Kings (@LAKings)
The team Twitter handle by which all others should be judged. The reigning Stanley Cup champions are never above trash talk, a good meme, or stuffed manatees.

Bailey, the LA Kings mascot (@BaileyLAKings)
The team mascot's Twitter handle is also in a league of it's own. This is some A+ trolling right here.

Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)
The Hawks took a page from the Kings and added more emojis.

Michael Katz (@KatzM)
The man behind the SBNation Twitter feed. Why not go straight to the source?

Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell)
The Twitter feed you love to hate. It will leave you feeling a little dirty, but ESPN's business insider drops some great trivial knowledge and historical figures to give perspective on the state of sports business today.

The Bills: Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) and Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell)
With his hands seemingly in just about everything, Bill Simmons is basically the Ryan Seacrest of sports. And you have to believe it's writers like Grantland's NFL man Bill Barnwell that Simmons had in mind when he launched a website named after the original (and one of the greatest) longform sports journalists.

Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)
Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of all time, which makes the humility and honest tone of her Twitter account that much more refreshing.


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Robin Lopez (@rolopez42)
If we're taking a look at one-half of twin siblings, might as well take this moment to tip our hat to Robin Lopez. If you only choose one handle from this list to follow, you should make it the one who brags about buying Dick Van Dyke's clothing.

Jason Dufner (@JasonDufner)
Golf can be a stuffy sport, which is why tweets involving a major winner in a cryogenic chamber are sometimes needed to lighten the mood.

Oh yeah, and there was that meme he started.

Fake Bo Pelini (@FauxPelini)
With countless parody Twitter counts to follow, you might think a fake account for Youngstown State football coach Bo Pelini is an odd choice. But it is Pelini's meltdowns as coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers that provide the foundation for sarcastic Twitter gold.

Michelle Beadle (@michelledbeadle)
Literally every human being wants to marry Michelle Beadle. She loves the Eric Andre Show enough to make it the lede of her profile, and she currently holds the record for the ultimate Twitter troll takedown.

NYT 4th Down Bot (@NYT4thDownBot)
If you've ever questioned the fourth-down decision making of your favorite NFL team, the New York Times' 4th Down Bot will keep you dutifully informed. Like the BCS Bot before it, it provides the meaningless info you'll need to make your case at the water cooler the next morning.

Baseball Prospectus (@baseballpro)
Remember what I said about baseball fans and their love of numbers? Baseball Prospectus is basically their porn.

Norm Macdonald (@normmacdonald)
MacDonald's twitter, like his humor, can be hard to decipher. Proof a sarcasm button could do a world of good on the internet. Like when he live tweets the PGA. Yes, Norm Macdonald live tweets golf. Dry, like a fine wine, but Norm is also engaging, insightful, and often contentious; the perfect Twitter combination.

Metta World Peace (@mettaworldpeace)
Since his playing days have ended, Metta is now an entrepreneur, interviewer / journalist  children's book author and lover of pandas. He's also still great on Twitter. 

Kevin Durant (@kdtrey5)
Known for his beef with Lil B, Durant's normal Twitter persona is often deep and contemplative.

Robert Luongo (@strombone1)
Robert Luongo should get his own list. His Strombone Twitter handle began in undercover fashion (it's still not verified), and behind this question-marked mask the Florida Panthers goalie drops gems like these

JR Smith (@therealjrsmith)
You don't get to be James Dolan's best friend without a great sense of humor.

Old Hoss Radbourn (@oldhossradbourn)
If you like your tweets coming at you from the voice of an 1800's baseball player, then Old Hoss is the guy for you.

Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13)
The US Soccer star's Twitter feed is filled with workout tips, beautiful photos, and stabs at popular culture. Just like all of your friends, but with 1.6 M followers.

John Buccigross (@Buccigross)
Bucci is the male version of Michelle Beadle. The only people who don't like John Buccigross are those who wish they were John Buccigross. His band-themed SportsCenter calls are the thing of legend. As are tweets like this one

J.A. Adande (@jadande)
The ESPN staff writer has become one of the premiere NBA analysts, with a deft human touch few sports journalists command. And also this.

Christina Kim (@TheChristinaKim)
The LPGA pro is a true ambassador of the game and one of the most open athletes on Twitter, offering a behind-the-scenes look at life on tour. Kim's also a huge San Francisco sports fan, so she'll be happy to talk topics besides golf.

Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco)
Last, but certainly not least, we come to one of the great Twitters of our generation. Only one person in the history of mankind has had a baseball bounce off his head for a homerun and live-tweeted shooting off his own finger.

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