The Brand New X Games Real Ski 2020 Videos Are Mind-Blowing

x games real ski
Photo: Courtesy of Newschoolers

X Games Real Ski is back again and it’s another year of heavy street insanity. Each of this year’s competitors has a totally different take on the streets and that should mean some healthy debate from lovers of each of the different types of style.

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I happened to be on location for the shoot for the TV show, so I saw some of the debate in person, and there was definitely a healthy ‘conversation’ on the judges’ side. Those judges by the way: Tom Wallisch, LJ Strenio, Mike Hornbeck, JF Houle, and Josh Berman. We want to know who you think should take the medals, so let us know in the poll/comments and make sure to vote in the official fan favorite poll!

Jake Mageau

Mango, last year’s runaway fan favorite is back with an absolute heater of an edit. Much continues in the same vein as his edit from last year, but even bigger and even more physics defying in places. Watching Jake ski in real life is an experience unlike any other, but his edit does a great job of portraying the truly organic way he skis. This has to be a contender for the W.

Noah Albaladejo

Noah brings OG style to this year’s Real Ski… and what style it is. Noah has to be one of the smoothest skiers out there, bar none. Hitting less well-known spots than many of the contenders, Noah takes a different approach to the contest and makes it look GOOD.

Sam Zahner

Sam Zahner was a last-minute substitute for Phil Casabon, who pulled out of the contest with a knock. He had less time to film than the other athletes, and had a gnarly concussion during filming… but he still got the job done with aplomb. Probably best known for his insane switch-up skills, Sam shows he has all aspects of street skiing well and truly covered.

Alex Hackel

Alex Hackel was Peyben’s filmer for Real Ski last year and this year, the pair swap roles (a feat in and of itself). They’ve produced another absolute banger of an edit. This one has it all for me, gnar, style, creativity, spots and that extra flair, but then again Hackel is one of my favorite skiers right now so maybe that’s my bias. Enjoy.

Emile Bergeron

I think it’s fair to say B-Mile has lived in the shadow of a certain steezy Quebec street legend for some time now. But his shots from the same spots as Phil in recent years have always stood up, and how many skiers can say that. With this edit, he proves (yet again) that he deserves to get his own time in the limelight, it’s an absolute hammer. Possibly the biggest sends of the whole bunch, unique lines and great style… what more can you ask?

Jesper Tjader

Shot on GoPro, Jesper’s edit is very different from the rest, just as he is a very different skier. Some of the spots aren’t the biggest but his undoubted talent shines through nonetheless. And there are more than a couple of trick/spot combos that literally nobody else would even fathom.

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That’s all folks, so without further ado, let the debate begin… vote for your favorite here, and also vote in the Newschoolers poll.

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