The Fantasy Football Advice You Need to Win Your League This NFL Season

Fantasy Footballers Podcast
Fantasy Footballers Podcast

It’s that time of year again: fantasy football is back. With the 2019 season here, it can be quite an undertaking to figure out who you want to draft for your team. Don’t panic. We have the advice you need to dominate your league this season. We got in touch with Jason Moore, one of the hosts of The Fantasy Footballers podcast, one of the top sports podcasts on iTunes, for some advice and strategies you can use to get an edge this season.

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The podcast started as a side project for Moore, Andy Holloway, and Mike Wright. But it quickly became one of the best resources for fantasy fanatics, so the three quit their jobs and became full-time podcasters. The trio has also put together its own draft guide with rankings, cheatsheets, and more in the Fantasy Footballers Ultimate Draft Kit.

“When we first started, we took it seriously as a business from the get-go, so there was a lot of planning and strategy in every decision,” Moore told Men’s Journal. “That being said, it was a lot of fun to work on a hobby as a business and it had a much different feeling back then than it does today. We were scraping and clawing to figure out how to pay for the next month every single month. Looking back now, it’s fun to see the early decisions that finally paid off down the line.”

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To catch Moore on The Fantasy Footballers podcast, you can find new episodes for free throughout the 2019 season, and the crew will be live every Thursday on SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Channel from 5-7pm EST. This season the team is also partnering with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to donate a portion of every Ultimate Draft Kit sold at

Here are Moore’s top tips for creating a winning draft and throwing the ultimate draft party.

Men’s Journal: What are some general tips and strategies for approaching a fantasy draft this season?

Moore: Draft stud running backs early, and avoid drafting quarterbacks for the first half of your draft. It’ll feel weird, but the biggest tip for a casual fan is to load up on running backs and wide receivers in the first six rounds. You can never have too many running backs. As the year goes on, running backs get injured and new ones break out. Teams who didn’t prepare are caught trying to trade out of desperation. You only need one quarterback on most rosters, and there are about 20 quality fantasy quarterbacks. Your roster will be better in the end.

Falcons Dolphins Football, Miami Gardens, USA - 08 Aug 2019 Miami Dolphins running back Kalen Ballage (27) runs as Atlanta Falcons defensive back Parker Baldwin (43) defends during the first half of a preseason NFL football game, in Miami Gardens, Fla
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If someone plays both daily fantasy and season-long fantasy, what should they consider when creating lineups?

One of the easiest, most predictive stats to help you make a lineup decision is taking a peak at the Vegas Over/Under lines. If you have two players you’re deciding between, and Vegas has one game line set at 40 points and the other set at 50 points, go with Vegas. They don’t lose money very often.

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Who are some of the under-the-radar or breakout candidates?

Philadelphia Eagles rookie Miles Sanders and Miami Dolphins second-year player Kalen Ballage are two running backs who are being drafted much later than they should be. Both running backs have the chance to break out for their teams, and won’t cost you much in the draft. At wide receiver, I have my eyes on Robby Anderson of the Jets and Curtis Samuel of the Panthers. Both are extremely talented WRs who could make serious noise this year.

Who are some players you think could be disappointments this season?

Fantasy football is often lost based on player injuries. A smart owner will bypass extremely talented players who have red flags in the medical department. This year Todd Gurley and Derrius Guice are both talented players who could have their specific knee issues cost them games and playing time this season.

NFL Philadelphia Eagles vs Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles, USA - 16 Dec 2018 Los Angeles, CA...Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley #30 during the NFL Philadelphia Eagles vs Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, Ca on 2018. Jevone Moore
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What’s an underrated position and/or a position where people can find value this fantasy season?

The underrated position is the late round quarterback. There are several players falling into the 10th round like Cam Newton and Jared Goff, who could finish top 5 at the position. Even later, you can get Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, who will be great for fantasy scoring.

What makes for a great fantasy draft party?

A great draft party has everyone in the league in the same place. It isn’t always possible, but that’s the goal. I’d rather have the party at someone’s house with everyone in the league able to attend than do a cool destination draft where a quarter of the league misses out. Second, food. So much food. Pizza, wings, desserts, oh my. Third, find yourself an annoying draft song to play every time you make your pick to gloat over your league.

Fantasy Footballers Podcast
Fantasy Footballers Podcast

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