How Much Food Does it Take to Feed an NFL Team for a Week? (Answer: an Insane Amount)

 David Silverman / Staff

700 pounds of chicken

That’s how much of the rotisserie-style poultry the NFL’s Buffalo Bills cafeteria goes through over the course of a week. ESPN recently went behind the lunch counter at the franchise’s practice facility to see just exactly what goes into the bodies of some of the best athletes in the world. It is a lot, but it’s all pretty healthy. 

Even the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches get a little extra care. “We make it with Ezekiel bread and a homemade jam,” Bills assistant strength and conditioning coach Will Greenberg told ESPN. “So they probably don’t know anything different. But we kind of get around the hydrogenated oils and everything. I don’t mind giving it to them.”

The stats are based on the 250-person staff (including players and coaches) that receive up to three meals a day. Here’s a closer look at what the team routinely guzzles. 

· 1600 pounds of beef, salmon, and chicken per week: The Bills usually put down 24 entire rotisserie chickens per day. If players decide to go red, they’ll be served the finest of grass-fed beef, which is imported from New Zealand. For the fish-minded, salmon, cod, tilapia, sea bass and halibut are available.

· Theme pizzasEach week the team is offered pizza, flatbread mind you, that is themed to that week’s opponent. The piece details a crab cake offering that was made up when the team was going to be playing Baltimore. Those boys like their seafood!

· 60 pounds of broccoli, 56 pounds of strawberries, and 50 bunches of asparagus per day: The mounds of asparagus can be couple with the 60 pounds of broccoli the cafeteria goes through per day. The veggies will get involved with rice dishes, pastas, or served with something delectable like beef tenderloin. The fruits of course get eaten but also utilized in many, many smoothies.

· 7200 ounces of smoothies and 52 cases of water per week: The Bills pound smoothies. The shakes are premade for players so they can just grab them on the go. The shakes are created with almond butter (35 lbs./week). A popular one has been dubbed “vanilla thrilla” and contains strawberries, a banana, chia seeds, vanilla whey, flax seeds and almond milk.

Check out the rest of the team’s eating habits and the personal diets of a couple players over at ESPN.