MJ5: Russell Wilson on His Favorite Gear, Travel Destination, and the Advice He’ll Never Forget

You’d expect Russell Wilson, one of the highest-paid players in the NFL and owner of one of the best arms in the game, to walk around like royalty. But that’s not the case: As our writer found out, he’s a very laid-back dude. Even, if we’re being honest, a little corny. Behind the scenes at our cover shoot, we sat down with the Men’s Journal September cover star to learn more about some of the things he loves, from his favorite piece of gear to his favorite piece of advice.

NFL Superstar Russell Wilson Covers Our September Issue

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His favorite piece of gear: That was an easy one for Wilson—it’s his Apple watch.

His favorite meal: While many celebs aren’t doing a whole lot of cooking for themselves, this NFL star is no stranger to the kitchen. He regularly treats his family to some mean barbecue.

“Ciara loves my ribs,” he said.

25 Ways Russell Wilson Trains to Build Super Bowl Strength

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His favorite drink: Lately it seems like the only drink that gets talked about more than hard seltzer is water, and Wilson is definitely riding the hydration bandwagon. Of course, he is a professional athlete, so getting plenty of fluids is important.

“I’m a big water guy,” he said. “I hydrate, hydrate, hydrate all day.”

His favorite places to travel: Although he’s been playing in Seattle for years (and will be there four more, thanks to that hefty new contract), Wilson also takes time to travel, and has been to quite a few unique places. Europe is high up on his list, as is Africa. But his favorite spot? The Seychelles, a secluded island archipelago in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa.

His favorite piece of advice: To close things out, we asked Wilson about his favorite piece of advice. It’s an adage you’ll probably agree with: Never give up.

Check out the full Q&A in the video above, and don’t miss our profile on Wilson in the September issue of Men’s Journal, on newsstands now.

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