The Rock Smashes a Drive Nearly 500 Yards

America’s Baller Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, claims on his Instagram account to have hit a golf ball 490 yards off the tee on the set of his HBO show, which was shooting part of its third season in Las Vegas. Needless to say, we’re impressed.

A near-500-yard drive is a Godzilla-sized monster, even if the ball does typically fly a bit farther in the desert. To put that number into perspective, its about 200 yards past the PGA Tour average, and Joe Miller won last year’s World Long Drive Championship with an epic 423-yard blast. The longest drive ever recorded was only a scant 25 yards longer.

This isn’t to say The Rock is a great — or even good — golfer. Notably, he doesn’t mention a birdie in his post, which leads us to believe that he needs to work on his short game. Because as everyone who plays golf knows, you drive for show and put for dough.

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