The Von Miller Seal of Approval


I’ve been into Neil deGrasse Tyson lately, getting lost in YouTube rabbit holes listening to him. You can never stump him with a question. He always has a well- thought-out and calculated answer, even on the fly. You could ask him about anything, and it’s interesting — his view on not just politics, life, and science, but on just about everything. 


I buy all my glasses from this place in New York City called Silver Lining. They have their own line, but I’m big on the vintage. I take sunglasses and make them into actual glasses, removing the dark lenses and putting in prescription lenses, like the ones I have on now, which have a green gradient at the top and go to clear at the bottom — like the Ferraris from the ’70s. 


I’ve got a lot of fidget spinners and carry one with me almost everywhere. I really do have ADHD, and it helps me stay focused. It just eliminates all other distractions. It helps when I’ve got a lot of people around, like at a basketball game or at work. The colors just draw you right to it. I had it at a football camp, and it helped me stay in the moment. 


I eat Chef’s Cut jerky on an everyday basis. It allows me to stay on top of my protein. I ate it even before I became part owner of the company. They have a lot of flavors — like bacon jerky and sriracha bacon — but I’m stuck on the bu alo chicken. I’m a chicken guy. 

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