This Hilarious Mockumentary Parodies Ski Movie Cliches

Picture the opening shots of a ski film: swirling mists, a skier (probably a man, based on this year’s crop of ski films) clicks into their bindings, and launches into a sprawling sea of… grass?

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“The Kook” establishes itself from inception as a deadpan sendup of the intensity and self-seriousness of ski films. It has fun without so much as a wink while taking on the archetypal comeback and outcast stories that the industry loves to tell. With its words of wisdom emanating from the mouth of a drunken man in a San Francisco homeless encampment, rather than a shamanic figure, “The Kook” is a novel take on the story you’ve seen a million times.

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The film tells the story of a fictional former comp skier who has a new vision for urban skiing. While being a parody, it asks compelling questions about the nature of rejection and success in the face of an industry that has no room for you. It has great nods to films that inspired “The Kook,” most notably JP Auclair’s iconic “All.I.Can” segment. And you can watch him huck a front flip off a dirt cliff—so check it out!

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