This Video of a Kiteboarder Getting Barreled Doesn’t Even Make Sense

Australia’s Keahi de Aboitiz is a 4x Kitesurfing World Champion whom you may not have heard of before. De Aboitiz is a Kai-Lenny-like all-around waterman, able to do legit tail blasts on a standup paddleboard, get utterly shacked while behind a kite and pack Wave-of-the-Winter contending slabs while paddling in Hawaii.

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In this 24-minute piece titled “Tunnel Vision,” de Aboitiz showcases all of the above. But it’s his tube skills behind the kite that prove the most impressive. As if navigating a slab isn’t challenging enough on a surfboard, de Aboitiz does it attached to his kite, somehow weaving in and out of the barrel while keeping his kite in the air. From pumping Kirra to firing Skeleton Bay, Aboitiz kite surfs the tube like we’ve never seen before. You’ll want to see this.

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