Trainer Joey Diovisalvi on Working With PGA Star Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is one of the most athletic and successful golfers in the world. Much of Johnson’s skills come from his natural ability, but a big factor in his level of play is his work with trainer and coach Joey “Joey D” Diovisalvi.

Dustin Johnson on His Pre-Range Routine and Hydrating His Workouts

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Johnson has worked closely with Joey D for years, with Diovisalvi training Johnson in the gym and in work on his swing and golf game. “Joey D travels with me everywhere I go,” Johnson says. “[He works with me on] legs; legs are a huge thing in the gym to build power and strength if you want to hit it further. You got to have big strong legs.”

Dustin Johnson and trainer Joey Diovisalvi

Diovisalvi says that if you want to improve your golf game, you can do drills like Johnson does to help make it happen. “We do things that are very golf-specific,” Diovisalvi says.  “We like things in golf that work on the basic fundamentals. Use things like core drills and planks, [things that] hit all of the muscles around the hips. Those are the things that Dustin works on.”

How Golfer Dustin Johnson Stays On Top

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Johnson has also teamed up with BODYARMOR LYTE, a naturally sweetened, low-calorie sports drink, to help hydrate his workouts with Joey D, and the coach stresses the importance in making sure athletes are properly hydrated—especially in golf: “Hydration is always key,” Diovisalvi says. “Because the quicker you get dehydrated, the more the brain starts to malfunction, and golf is a very mental game.”

Watch the full video for more on how Joey D works with Johnson to keep him at the top of his game.

How Dustin Johnson Became the Fittest Man in Golf

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