UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Takes Muscle-Up Challenge From 64-Year-Old Man


Think getting older means getting weaker? Willy O’Toole is proof that’s not the case. The 64-year-old sent UFC star Conor McGregor a video of support with a twist (or more accurately, a stunning set of muscle ups). O’Toole wished his fellow Irishman the best of luck ahead of his title tilt against UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo in Las Vegas on July 11, and he then proceeded to defy his age by effortlessly cranking out a set of muscle-ups.

Master the Muscle-Up >>>

McGregor was more than impressed by the feat of athleticism and responded with this Tweet:


Check out this video of the two in action:


The final score
O’Toole: 7 Muscle-Ups
McGregor: 6 Muscle-Ups

McGregor is in Las Vegas training hard for this fight against the long-time champion from Brazil. The fight is expected to be the biggest UFC event of the year, and to say that McGregor and Aldo don’t get along is a bit of an understatement. Just check out this video of McGregor ripping away the title belt from Aldo in Dublin.