UFC Star Johny Hendricks’ Speed Workout

UFC Star Johny Hendricks’ Speed Workout

Men’s Fitness caught up with UFC #1 Contender to the Welterweight title Johny Hendricks at the launch of the Reebok zQuick series running shoes to find out the training secrets to gaining speed. Hendricks suggests incorporating the following full body exercises into your strength and conditioning program.

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1. Sled Pulls

Place weight on a sled, put a rope around the sled, attach your waist and pull it back or move it forward for 10-20 yards.

2. Power Sprints (Johnny wears a 15-20 pound weighted vest)

3. Agility Ladder Drills

4. Box Jumps

5. Suicide Drill

6. Fit Light Drill
Fit Light are lights that wirelessly turn on/off using a sensor. Place cones about eight feet apart and about five yards away from you. Run to cone that has a lit fit light and tap it or wave your hand over it to turn it off. Return to the starting position then touch the next cone that lights up. Each round is 45 seconds. Do at least two rounds.

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And here’s what Hendrick’s shared about his new footwear:

“What makes these shoes different is first, the way they move with your feet; You can bend them, twist them and do everything you want with them and they’re going to stay solid,” says Hendricks. “They are very light and maneuverable and that’s everything I need.”

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