VIDEO: Hardcore Training With UFC’s Mike Bisping

On Wednesday April 16th Mike Bisping faces off with Tim Kennedy from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on FOX Sports at 7PM ET/4PM PT for TUF Nations Finale. This short video clip demonstrates an intense training session three weeks out. Strength and conditioning coach Michael Giovanni Rivera had the opportunity to join in for the day for an exclusive look at Michael Bisping train with MMA coach Jason Parillo and got to join in with MMA Strength and conditioning specific exercises at the RVCA facility in Costa Mesa, California.

As we all know MMA training camps are extremely brutal. Most fighters train year round, and when an upcoming fight is upon the intensity is increased greatly for a 3-month camp. As for Bisping he is super-human, he trains intense 24/7, 365 days a year, and is always fight ready. As the fight is coming near, training is intense physically and emotionally.

Training an athlete like Michael Bisping becomes very complex and it requires proper program design, keeping the athlete injury free, and being conscious of overtraining. This becomes challenging due to all the areas he is working simultaneously, while also pushing him in the cage, the mat, in the gym, and being on top of his nutrition as well.

Demonstrated in this video you will see Jason Parillo work with Bisping in multiples of rounds in the cage, the heavy bag, foot work drills while Gio worked with Bisping on MMA specific exercises. Working on areas of concern such as hand speed, hand/eye coordination, foot speed/coordination, balance/control, explosiveness, endurance, muscular endurance, strength and power. All put together in an intense non-stop workout only for an incredible in shape fighter like Michael Bisping.

The training session is as follows:

16 rounds total, each round is 5 minutes long with 1 minute rest in between the rounds.

Warm Up: Dynamic Warm Up & Stretch
Heavy Bag: Two 5-Minute Rounds
Mitt Work: Four 5-Minute Rounds

MMA Specific Exercises: Three 5-Minute Rounds

5 exercises total per round, 1 minute each exercise with 1 minute rest in between each round

1) Footwork Drill
2) Sprawl With Body Lock
3) Plank Stabilization With Arm Tug
4) Resisted Band Punches
5) Ball slams

Mitt Work: Four 5-Minute Rounds
Heavy Bag: Three 5-Minute Rounds
Double End Bag: Two 5-Minute Rounds
Cool Down: Deep Stretch

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