A Brief History of The Race Across America, Cycling’s Most Insane 12-Day Competition

On June 14 dozens of cyclists will depart Oceanside, California, for Annapolis, Maryland, a 3,070-mile bike race across the country. The catch? They have 12 days to do it. That's nine days less than it takes riders to complete the Tour de France, in a race that’s 870 miles longer.

Riders pass through 12 states and two deserts, the Mojave and Sonoran; they cross the Sierras, Rockies, and Appalachians; and they’ll do it all on very little sleep. To successfully complete the race, participants can afford to waste only about three hours a night (at most). Exhaustion and injuries will force roughly 50 percent of riders to drop out before reaching Annapolis.

To watch the race, visit RideFarther.com. The site will feature a daily recap show, live streams of the starting and finish lines, and coverage along the route. Race Across America will also have live tracking available on its website.