Washington QB Jake Browning Did 500 Pushups in Practice. Here’s How to Get Close to That Number.


Drop down and gimme 20 pushups—actually, make it 500.

That’s what Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Browning had to deal with as punishment after getting slapped with a taunting penalty in a blowout 70-21 win over the Oregon Ducks.  

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Head coach Chris Petersen was thrilled with Browning’s performance in the game—the quarterback went 22-of-28 for 304 yards and six touchdowns, adding 21 rushing yards and another two scores—but he was fuming with Browning’s behavior on one particular play: Browning pointed directly at Ducks linebacker Jimmie Swain as he scored a touchdown, drawing a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty:


Petersen decided that Browning needed to learn a lesson, telling the quarterback he needed to bang out 500 pushups in practice.

Browning’s teammates hoped to help by contributing some of the total, but Peterson said no to that option. Defensive back Kevin King was pretty thrilled with the play anyway: “I think that’s going to be a picture that’s going to be around forever, in terms of this Oregon-UW battle,” King said to The News Tribune. “They talk about The Pick? Nah. They’re gonna talk about the finger wag.”

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Browning got a nice chest workout from the pushups, giving him a fitness boost in the middle of a fantastic season. Browning already has over 1,400 passing yards and 23 touchdowns with just two interceptions in six games, putting Washington into the College Football Playoff conversation.

If Browning continues to play well and drop perfect throws like this one below, he’ll likely find himself part of the Heisman Trophy race:

The Huskies coach isn’t the only person in the football world who uses pushups to make a point. Earlier in the NFL season, J.J. Watt and Tyrann Mathieu made a bet when their former schools, Wisconsin and LSU, faced off, with the loser forced to bang out 100 pushups—and Mathieu paid up to Watt.

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