Watch: Boxer Gets Knocked Out Cold by Ice Bucket After Winning a Fight


The last thing a boxer expects after winning a fight is getting knocked out himself.

Boxer Brandon Cook learned that the hard way following a fight against fellow Canadian Steven Butler on January 28 in Montreal. Cook won on a TKO against Butler, but a melee broke out in the crowd following the fight and fans started throwing things at the ring—including a particularly well-thrown ice bucket.

Butler looked dazed and wobbly after the fight, while Cook tried to avoid some of the debris coming his way as he celebrated. When the two fighters cross paths again, Butler gave Cook a small shove, which was just enough to put his head in the worst possible spot at that moment.


By the end of things, four people were injured and two men were arrested by the Montreal police, according to the CBC.

So, for all the boxers out there, always keep watch for any flying ice buckets anytime you win a fight.

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