Watch: Brandon Semenuk Hucks His Trail Bike in ‘Cascade’

First, let’s be clear. Brandon Semenuk is a force of nature on a bike. He’s, of course, the star of every edit that bears his name. But those edits also tend to feature terrain that itself rises to Semenuk’s level. We explored some of what goes into building the lines in his videos a year ago in Mike Ferrentino’s story, Immortalizing the Ephemeral.

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In Cascade, the video recently released by Red Bull, the cobble-lined lips and landings and middle-of-nowhere lily pads are almost as impressive as what Semenuk is doing on them. Everything is smooth and sculpted and spaced perfectly enough that, despite their monstrous size, Semenuk is threading them all together on a trail bike.

We’ve always said that Semenuk is a pleasure to watch on any kind of bike, and Cascade is Exhibit We’ve-Lost-Count. But if you want a closer look at the particular tool underneath the magician this time around, click HERE for a bike check of Semenuk’s one-of-a-kind Fuel EX ridden to the limits in Cascade.

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