Watch: Fireball Trick Shot Instantaneously Backfires, Ignites Golfer

Watch: Fire Ball Golf Trick Shot Instantaneously Backfires, Sets Golfer Ablaze
Instagram/ golf_gods

The Internet is filled with eye-popping trick shots. There was the time a guy cranked a golf ball off of a moving golf cart, or the real-world examples of pros’ best golf shots of all time.

That being said, sometimes people aren’t as precise in their execution, like in the case of this dude:

Holy shit balls!! 😳 🎥 – @hutchy108 #golfgods #fireball #fore @golfgodsgc

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There were several outstanding issues with this attempt, but what doomed the shot from the start was that the ball appeared to be on the ground and not the tee. That creates more of an opportunity for the golfer to hit dirt and set shit on fire, which he does.

(Also: He’s swinging in sandals. It’s time for a gear upgrade.)

Luckily for the gentleman in this clip, he decided to attempt this shot surrounded by water so he didn’t have to endure the fire for very long. Hopefully, he made it out unscathed.

As for the Instagram account that brought us all of this flaming glory, the golf_gods’ page is filled with other entertaining golf oddities that can make us golfers—who are no Rory Mcllroy—feel like we have a chance at becoming slightly less terrible. Take a look at the clips below to see what else the entertaining channel has to offer.


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