Watch: Is This the Most Terrifying Wave Ever Filmed at Nazare?

What does it take to top SURFER Magazine’s “Clips of the Month” list? Well, depends on the month. Wave quality helps. A more technical maneuver or difficult line certainly ups your chances. We can all appreciate a good, kegging barrel. But sometimes the thing that puts a clip over the edge is a little harder to define. Sometimes the winner is simply the clip that causes our jaws to drop and our minds to wonder, “What. The. Actual. F@#$.”

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This was one such month. While it was filled with WTF rides, from Tom Lowe’s Euro tunnel to Koa Smith’s below-sea-level screamer, but none was more baffling than the apartment-building-sized tube yawning behind an ant-sized Kai Lenny at Nazare. Press play and let us know if you beg to differ, and watch the full edits that these clips were pulled from below:

1) Kai Lenny | Nazaré, Portugal
Filmed by Pedro Miranda

2) Tom Lowe | Europe
Filmed by Tomás Bello

3) Koa Smith | Silverbacks, Panama
Filmed by Chris Papaleo

4) Nic Von Rupp | Nazaré, Portugal
Filmed by Ricardo Pina

5) Torrey Meister | Backdoor Pipeline, Hawaii
Filmed by Thor Larson

6) Sebastian Soto | Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Filmed by Vandielli Esmael Dias

7) Luke Davis | Morocco
Filmed by Mustapha Elbaz

8) Joao Maria Mendonça | Portugal
Filmed by Hugo Almeida

9) Harrison Roach | Noosa, Australia
Filmed by Ryan Cannon

10) Kota Iida | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Billy Lee-Pope

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