This Video of a Man Trying to Juggle Five Balls During a Marathon Will Make You as Frustrated as Him

 Image via YouTube

Michal Kapral is a joggling legend. I don’t mean that as a joke. The man truly is the best in the world at what he does—juggling balls while running very long distances. He currently holds the world record for the fastest marathon while juggling three balls (2:50:12) and half marathon (1:20:40).

Those times are insane, even discounting the focus and skill it requires to throw and snatch three projectiles out of the air whilst propelling your body forward.

But Kapral—the first sponsored joggler in the world—was not content with dominating the three-ball marathoning scene. He, like so many jugglers before him, felt a calling to add just a few more balls.

At last weekend’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon, he did—two more to be exact.

As it turns out, juggling five balls while running a marathon is precisely as hard as you think it is. Just watch Kapral achingly joggle for a few steps, only to let gravity defeat him. According to Canadian Running Magazine, he was forced to drop out after 17 kilometers from a muscle tear in his left hand (the first marathoning related-injury of it’s kind, we presume).

Despite the setback, he still managed to finish the race sans balls in 5:3958. A feat that to us, still took some real—well—balls.