Watch: MMA Fighter Re-sets Opponent’s Dislocated Shoulder Mid-fight, Then Starts Brawling Again

Mma shoulder

This is the opposite of going for a knockout.

During an MMA fight night in Germany in December 2016, fighter Arkadiusz Wroblewski dislocated his shoulder throwing a massive haymaker at the very start of the fight.

As the referee of the bout looked to the sidelines for assistance, Wroblewski’s opponent, Paata Tschapelia, came running to his side and popped his arm right back in place:

Wroblewski seemed mighty pleased with Tschapelia’s job, shaking his hand in gratitude, and then continued fighting.

Unfortunately for Wroblewski, he was TKO’d by Tschapelia at 3:52 of round 1. Maybe he should have thrown in the towel—but either way, they both deserve respect.

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