Watch: Odell Beckham Jr. Apparently Dislocates Finger, Brutally Snaps It Back Into Place on the Sideline

Odell Beckham Jr
Michael Heiman / Getty Images

If you’re a New York Giants fan, it was bad enough to watch your team perform the way it did on Sunday early on against Tampa Bay. But to closely watch your best player jump up and down in excruciating pain is just, well, excruciating.

Despite how many times Odell Beckham Jr. showed the world that he is freakishly NOT human, we now have every right to believe that he is one of us. The dynamic receiver appeared to dislocate his right index finger after missing a bullet pass from quarterback Eli Manning. The injury wasn’t pretty at all. In fact, Beckham showed his fans on Instagram how gross the point of contact actually looked.

I give this game everything I got. Ain't no way around it..

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After the play, you could immediately see the pain he endured through his reaction as he rushed to the sidelines. This game was a must-win for the Giants, so the trainers were left with only one option to get their best playmaker back on the field as soon as possible: Unfortunately, it was a very painful option.

Yeah, that looked painful. Not as painful as the Giants’ eventual 25-23 loss on a last-second field goal, but still painful nonetheless.

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